Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program are:

-age between 18 and 26 years old

-certificate from an upper secondary school (high school or professional diploma) or equivalent diploma and /or strong artistic talent


The admission procedure to the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is divided into four phases.

1.     Application form 2.     Preliminary examination 3.     Admission exam 4.     Enrollment


1. Application form

Candidates must send the application form below, with all parts completed, enclosing the required documentation (important information about the terms of registration and the form can be found in the downloadable document on the side). Registration deadline: is still possible to enroll during the admission exam.


2. Preliminary examination

Candidates are invited to participate in a four-hour workshop in which the overall preparation, the ability to work in groups, and the expressive, technical, and artistic potential of each student will be evaluated in the presence of two professors from the Accademia. 


Bachelor 2020 preliminary examinations:

March 7: Bern, HKB, Hochschule der Künste

March 8: Berlin, UDK, Universität der Künste

March 14: Paris, ESAD, École Supérieure d’Art Dramatique

New date: July 3: Verscio, Accademia Dimitri

3. Admission exam

Candidates who have passed the first round of selections are invited to take part in the admission exam, which takes place at the Accademia over four days, during which the lessons of the school’s curriculum are given. The exam consists of two lessons in each subject, the presentation of a previously prepared scene lasting 3 and a half minutes, the performance of a theatrical assignment given on the day of the examination, and in the execution of a choreographic sequence rehearsed during the last two days of lessons. The exam is completed with a personal interview and an Italian language exam for foreign students; at the time of admission, a level of Italian A2 is required.

Admission exam: July 4- July 7 2020, Verscio Accademia Dimitri

Intensive Italian course

Admitted candidates who do not have an A2 level of Italian are required to follow the intensive Italian course held in Verscio.


4. Enrollment

Candidates who have successfully passed the admission exam will be contacted by the secretary and invited to complete the enrollment by paying the first semester installment.
The compulsory start of the academic school year is September 1 2020.

Application request


Duration of studies

6 full-time semesters (180 ECTS)



Annual school fees

CHF 5300.-

Admission fee for preliminary examination

CHF 50.- / €50.-

Admission fee for admission exam in Verscio

CHF 200.-

Admission criteria

Age between 18-26 years old

Certificate (high school or professional) or equivalent diploma and / or strong artistic talent


Bachelor Administration: Tamara Kaelin

Accademia Teatro Dimitri Secretariat: Francesca Marcacci, +41 / (0) 58 666 67 50

Bank details

Bank Raiffeisen, 6653 Verscio

IBAN CH37 8080 8003 1410 9010 4