Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers extensive training in the field of Physical Theatre. The teaching consists of regular lessons in core subjects, various academic workshops, numerous courses for further growth and the development of theatrical shows, which allow the students to gain a solid technical mastery in the theatrical and movement skills.

The training aims to contribute to the development of the artistic personality of each student. 

The goal is to shape a trained actor with various abilities, theatrical capacities and depth of corporal knowledge, able to manage independently the techniques acquired during the production of a show.

The training spans a three year period and is full-time: the first year is devoted to basic techniques, the second to interpretation and the third to creation and theatrical scenes. The classes have a small number of students, which allows for a closer relationship between teacher and student, an atmosphere of concentrated work and an intensive and enriching exchange. Great attention is also given to professional experiences that give the students the possibility to create their own network of contacts during their studies.

Courses of the curriculum Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, with a specialization in Physical Theatre
The core curriculum also includes workshops and training opportunities that cover several theatrical techniques such as clowning, slapstick, pantomime, commedia dell’arte, dance-theater, etc. 

Download the description Courses of the curriculum Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (pdf 983 KB)


Duration of study
6 semesters full time (180 ECTS)



Annual tuition fee

CHF 5300.-

Preliminary examination admission fee
CHF 50.- or € 50.-

Admission fee for the entrance examination in Verscio
CHF 200.-

Admission Criteria
Age 18 to 26 years, Certificate (High School Diploma or Vocational) or equivalent degree and / or strong artistic talent.

More information
Plan of Study BA (pdf 938 KB) 
Description Courses BA (pdf 983 KB)

Head of Bachelor Studies
Corinna Vitale
Bachelor Assistant
Silviana Vogt

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