Meeting with Mick Barnfather

Chaired by Giorgio Theoni. Wednesday, December 5th – 6:30pm

Director, actor, and teacher, for at least 40 years, Mick Barnfather has had a flourishing career in the world of the performing arts, accompanied by the success of his methods in the exploration of the world of the clown and comedy, a recipe that he shares in his follow-up workshops. Born in London in 1953, Mick was part of the Complicite company, with which he made many theatrical projects. During his long career he worked on the stage, but also on television and in radio productions. He has taught at the Commedia School in Copenhagen, at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, at London’s International Drama School, at the Metropolitan University of Manchester, and also at the school of Philippe Gaulier in Paris. In particular, he taught Physical Theater specializing in clown, in masks, in the character of the buffoon, in the development of individual and group improvisations, giving courses all over the world, from America to China, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

A guest of the Accademia for a training workshop for actors present in Verscio in pursuit of a Master’s degree, Mick will be available to all students and interested public to share his experiences and reveal some of the secrets related to the techniques of the clown, and his eclectic theatrical personality.

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