"Lobe" - Master Project - Jennifer Skolovski Academy Theatre Dimitri 4 and 5 October 2019 at 6 pm (in case of bad weather the performance is moved to October 6th 2019, 4 pm) Start in the courtyard of the Theatre Dimitri, Verscio

Lobe is an immersive performance that starts from the courtyard of the Teatro Dimitri and ends in front of the entrance to the cemetery of Verscio. For the duration of one hour, the audience participates in the plot. With music played and sung live, mixed with the sound of Verscio's bells and recorded music, Xavier Moillen, Beat Jaggy and Jennifer Skolovski create a sound environment that originates from the most ancestral rituals of humanity. The appearance of natural spirits, body language and the sound of bells intertwine in a pastoral drama of the 21st century. Lobe offers a look behind the Swiss postcard idyll to denounce a system in which people are conditioned by desire and consumption. At the same time, Lobe is an invitation to immerse oneself in another reality and get in touch with the world of shepherds and elementary forces. 

To book tickets:
Office Academy Theatre Dimitri: 058 666 67 50

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Concept: Jennifer Skolovski
Performance: Jennifer Skolovski, Brita Kleindienst, Xavier Moillen, Mark√©ta PŇ°colkov√°
Composer: Xavier Moillen
Carillon: Beat Jaggy
Lights: Christoph Siegenthaler