A physical theatre piece by and with Jenny Szabo Tenda Circo Dimitri, Verscio NEW: 16.06 & 17.06.2019, 20.30 Tickets: +41(0)58 666 67 50, accademiadimitri@supsi.ch

"I am one of those who make you dream. Always blue sky. No unfulfilled needs. Perfectly photoshopped happiness. You believe I make the world prettier? Correct. I do.“

PITCH! is a physical theatre performance that deals with the topic of consumerism within our digitalized society and is based on the idea of an advertising pitch.

A grey figure who is the manifestation of everything that steals time from us, acts in the role of an advertiser trying to convince the audience that unconscious consumption
is good for them and that they can always get what they want. Anything can be bought. Even paradise. At the same time the character starts
to feel more and more the control of the system that it is performing for, but struggles to gain back its freedom.

Questo contenuto attualmente non disponibile in italiano.


 Concept & Performance: Jenny Szabo 


Outside Eye: Stefanie Bolzli 


Man for all & Video: Lukas Larcher 


Lighting & Stage design: Hannes Gambeck