“Woman running with the river” by Gonca Gümüsayak

Presentation of the Master in Physical Theatre A dancetheatre piece by Gonca Gümüşayak Accademia Teatro Dimitri- Master of Arts in Physical Theatre Date: 3rd May 2019, 20:30 4th May 2019, 18:00 Place: Teatro Paravento Via Cappuccini 8, 6600 Locarno

Woman Running with the River” is about a new creation myth of humankind. The performance begins with an encounter of a woman and a man, starting from a learned patriarchal relationship (in the present). An unequal balance of power relation splits the woman’s integrity as a subject that makes her question and look for a change. She goes through a journey by the river (in the past), where she discovers the equal ‘origin of life’ through ‘the myth of the river’, which empowers her integrity and the relations (in the future).

 It is a dance theatre piece with no text. (+12 years old)

Thanks to Scholarship of Study at Accademia Teatro Dimitri: Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation                


Special Thanks to Staff of ATD: Corinna Vitale, Silviana Vogt, Marlies Baertschi, Michela Moro, Francesca Marcacci, Michela Ceroni, Steffi Mertzner, Luisa Braga, FUNDUS ATD, Richard Weihe, Beth Harris, Pavel Stourac, Dante Carbini, Ricki Maggi, Carmelo, Şirin Duruk, Evren Erbatur, Francesco, Ayhan, Lia, Martin, Adrien...


Graphics: Silvia Sabogal, Foto di Gonca Gümüşayak Poster, Model: Valea Völker



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Choreography/ Concept: Gonca Gümüşayak
Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak, Lia Schädler, Martin Durrmann
Film/Sound Editing: Adrien Borruat
External Eye: Evren Erbatur
Lights: Christoph Siegenthaler
Filming/Graphics: Silvia Sabogal
Technics: Adrien Borruat, Ayhan Malkoç

Music of Goran Bregovic, ‘Ederlezi' song is referenced, sang by Vale Völker in the film material of the show. Music of Andrea Guerra  ‘Una Lettare Mai Letta’ is referenced. 

Gonca Gümüşayak, Lia Schädler, Martin Durrmann