Stephanie Metzner

Teacher of Stage Makeup and History of Costumes

After graduating from the Schöner Professional School for Cosmetics in Munich and the Meininghaus School for Professional Hairdressers in Forchheim, she completed a three-year apprenticeship in makeup-artistry and wig-making at the E.T.A.-Hoffmann Theater in Bamberg. For many years there she also worked as supervisor for several productions. Then, she moved to Los Angeles, where she expanded her knowledge in special effects and worked on film- and televison productions.

She is currently working as Head and designer of makeup and wigs, special effects and costumes in projects for national and international opera, theater, film, circus, musical, and variety productions. At the same time, she is a lecturer and tutor at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, as well as in several projects that use theater as a form of therapy. Her work with wigs can be found in collaboration with artists of various international exhibitions, such as the ArtBasel, Kagan Gallery, etc.

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