The Academy’s three pillars

Body and Movement, Culture and Diversity

Body and Movement

Body and movement are at the heart of the Academy’s work, and all its sectors – training first and foremost, but also research or services offered to the region – operate and develop under the umbrella of Physical theatre.



The Academy’s interdisciplinary lines support a profound and necessary anchoring of art with the cultural and social issues that run through the contemporary world. The Academy’s geographical location and the origin of its students, teachers and researchers make it a crossroads where contributions from different traditions and cultural backgrounds converge.



The Academy is a school that is open to all, without discrimination of gender, origin or culture, and works to ensure quality education – in basic as well as in continuing or service education – in the ideal of lifelong learning. In a broader context, the Academy has long been active in the development of training, research or creative projects that integrate issues of inclusion and diversity.

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