Physical Theatre

The Physical Theatre

The training in Physical Theatre offers the student an artistic path, which aims to develop creativity and personality, as well as the acquisition and deepening of artistic techniques. The Academy’s pedagogy has been consolidated over the years and is based on the teachings of great masters and innovators of the twentieth century, among others: Rudolf Laban, Michail Čechov, Peter Brook, and the fruits of contemporary experience.

The physical theater promoted by the Accademia Teatro Dimitri is intended as a form of theater where the body and movement of the actor are at the centre of the dramaturgical process. The body is understood as a working tool and its movement as an expressive modality and the origin of artistic form as well as content. The scenic creation is based on a work where different performance disciplines intertwine without pre-established hierarchies. The actor equips himself with a series of skills that allow him to undertake an artistic and expressive path capable of combining technical skills and personal resources.


In the Bachelor- and Master in Theatre courses the approach distinguishes itself, respectively, in courses that put the actor’s body at the service of predefined dramaturgical or choreographic installations, or that instead develop dramaturgically and choreographically starting from the psychophysical specificities of the actor. In the Bachelor the emphasis is placed on the more artisanal component of actor training: the approach is based on physical preparation and the acquisition of practical and theoretical skills related to various performance techniques. The Master’s degree is aimed at fostering personal research based on skills that allow the staging of theatrical performances on the basis of a solid artistic, practical and analytical awareness.


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