The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

Protection of personality

In the desire to guarantee the indispensable physical and emotional safety of the school’s employees, as well as the students, and at the same time to preserve the ambition of a pedagogy capable of taking risks in order to live up to its transformative vocation, the Accademia Dimitri is committed to promoting appropriate and effective measures of prevention and action, and a culture of communication based on mutual respect and consideration.


Principles and objectives

The Academy is committed to respecting and protecting the personality and health of its employees and students, in particular by ensuring that no one suffers harassment or other personality-damaging behaviour. Any violation of personal integrity compromises an individual’s well-being and health and is in no way tolerated.

The College is committed to protecting, safeguarding and supporting employees and students from any form of discrimination related to gender identity, age, culture, ability, disability and sexual orientation, as well as from bullying and psychological and/or sexual harassment (whether verbal, non-verbal and/or physical).

In line with these principles and objectives, the College implements preventive and informative measures and actions, and establishes the processes to be followed in the event of personality-damaging actions. These processes are set out in regulations, which describe the possible procedures to be followed in the event that an employee or student feels or witnesses discrimination, bullying or harassment.

Student Integrity Protection Regulation

Employee Protection Directive

SUPSI procedures

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