Covid 19: The protection plan

We would like to inform you that from Monday 18th October, a green pass will be required to enter the Accademia and Supsi.
For not vaccinated students, teacher or collaborator Supsi offers free salivary tests to be carried out twice a week, on Mondays from 7.30 to 9.00 and on Thursdays from 7.30 to 9.00 at the Accademia Dimitri.

It is important that you bring your mobile phone as you will be downloading the certificate which is only valid in the Supsi spaces for the moment, we are waiting for future developments.

The current situation generates many questions and it is not possible to give an answer to all of them that applies to each individual case. The answers to the questions presented are subject to change at any time.
Please refer also to the documents that can be consulted on the COVID FAQ page, to the official information on the website, to the COVID-19 ordinance, updated special situation, and to the SUPSI protection plan.


With the aim of ensuring the health protection of the entire academic community and of external users who will be called upon to attend our premises in the coming months, we have formalised a Protection Plan that is constantly updated in relation to the evolution of the impact of the pandemic and the decisions of the federal and cantonal authorities.


Obligation to present a valid COVID certificate

SUPSI has introduced, as of 20 September 2021, the obligation to present a COVID certificate (obtained through complete vaccination, recovery from the disease or negative result to a rapid antigenic test or PCR) or a SUPSI COVID test certificate (obtained through participation in the aggregated PCR salivary test programme, with validity limited to SUPSI sites) valid for access to its sites, for all students in basic training (Art. 19a Ordinance COVID-19 special situation), part of continuing education (Art. 14a Ordinance COVID-19 special situation) and for their employees (Art. 25 Ordinance COVID-19 special situation).

In accordance with the regulations in force, only Swiss COVID certificates and European (digital) COVID certificates with a QR code are recognised as valid (see SUPSI protection plan, point 3.4.1 Recognition of foreign COVID certificates).
Only mandated employees and students of continuing education courses/activities with a stable class composition and fewer than 30 participants are exempt from the COVID certificate requirement (see SUPSI protection plan, point 5.1.2).

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