Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies

In accordance with the Academy’s idea of “life long learning”, the AS sector has a dual mission; on the one hand it wants to offer professional artists of the performing arts an opportunity to continue to grow and learn.

The CF offers training in the educational, social and local, national and international context, using the tools of “physical theatre”. At the Academy, CF is conceived as a place for the exchange of practical experience, creation and reflection.

The sector is divided into certified and non-certified offerings. The non-certified offers are addressed to a wide audience of children, adolescents and adults, both amateur and professional, these are currently our summer courses.

The certified proposals offer professionals from different fields an opportunity to continue training and to acquire a greater awareness of their potential, and are intended to accompany them in their search for new orientations and horizons.

∗ Within SUPSI, the Accademia Teatro Dimitri’s Advanced Studies provides advice and support in various offers (SEDIFO, FC and FB).

CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) - ongoing


CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies)

Summer Courses for children and adults

Summer Courses

For children and adults, amateurs or professionals

Fondazione Theodora

Fondazione Theodora

A professionalizing and integrated training in health care.

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