CAS PAC 2022 | Performing Arts Practice in Conflict Zones

The opportunity to open new spaces for reflection and action.

CAS PAC – Performing Art Practices in Conflict Zones

In a globalized world where the consequences of violence, war and discrimination have become an integral part of our lives, politics feeds on the anguish, marginalization and isolation that determine daily life. The CAS Performing Arts Practice in Conflict Zones offers the opportunity to open new spaces for reflection and action.

The CAS is aimed at professional artists from Europe and conflict zones who want to bring their performing arts practice to raw areas of the Middle East.

The CAS provides the tools to launch sustainable projects that strengthen solidarity and empowerment processes within a society. It allows participants to reflect on themselves as cultural operators, and to develop an awareness of diversity within an art project based on exchange and collaboration with people and artists from different backgrounds.

Theatre and performing arts provide accurate and efficient means to respond to human needs. Thanks to their immediacy and lucidity, they are an ideal art form to express feelings and to find words to describe and represent the delicate issues related to trauma. Physical theatre in particular is based on body language: a universal means of communication and therefore even more suitable to face the challenges of a society shaken by crises and conflicts.


Requirements of the participants 

  • complete and practical training in the field of performing arts
  • solidarity with the political ideas of an area in reconstruction
  • stable personality and reflected behavior and sensitivity towards a crisis region
  • willingness to respect their own security, that of the crew and the local population
  • valid passport

The show in Addis Ababa

2023, January

ሕይወት HYWET 
is the story of a young woman in Ethiopia based on the play Selam Habibi by Volksbühne Basel, which is a free adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous love story “Rome and Juliet”
direct by Anina Jendreyko
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