CAS Teacher in class and communication: teaching and learning in body and voice

Presentation of the training course

The SUPSI Training and Learning Department (DFA), in collaboration with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (ATD), organises a study cycle to obtain a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) called “Teacher in class and communication: teaching and learning in body and voice”.
The CAS explores new ways to develop the teacher’s awareness in professional action through an experiential and reflective path during which there will be opportunities to meet, know and cross approaches, thoughts and languages of different breath belonging to the actor’s own practices, training, art and human sciences. It is a place to ask oneself questions about being a teacher, how to teach, think and do school in search of a didactics capable of giving body to knowledge.
The CAS wants to “teach without showing”, it wants to put the participants in the conditions to discover by experimenting, so that everyone can expand their knowledge and potential for communication, interaction, expression and creation. It is an invitation, a creative provocation, which questions one’s own being and evolving as a teacher. It is a learning path both individual and within their group.
During the training course, the aim is to develop the teacher’s attitude to explore, build, design and welcome, concretely bringing into play the body, emotions and senses.
The teacher’s task is to guide the students towards unknown territories, to awaken the curiosity and enthusiasm intrinsic to each learning process. Every day he or she encounters different contexts, dynamics and needs depending on the class: each student and each group has its own organization, its own language in telling its story, a way of perceiving and acting, a way of being. The class, as a microcosm within the school system, is a complex organism that gathers students belonging to families, traditions, cultures, each with its own values and beliefs.
To teach in this kaleidoscope of variety is not immediate, it requires flexibility and creativity, it requires a continuous renewal in the creation of learning frames that know how to respond to needs and enhance the resources of the class group.
The actor and the teacher both communicate ideas and content. They are the protagonists and creators of a framework that allows a transmission of meaning. Teaching and learning involve cognitive, emotional, relational, communicative and operational aspects in the same way and involve the teacher from the bottom up.
Teaching is manifested in the body which is reflected in the way you move, breathe, use your voice, connect with space, how you relate. The “teaching body” is therefore a sensitive vehicle of expression and can develop as a tool for perceiving, making contact and communicating.

Dipartimento Formazione e Apprendimento

The Department of Education and Learning (DFA) is a department of SUPSI and is at the same time a Pedagogical High School. The DFA’s activities focus on the initial and in-service training of teachers in the Ticino school system, research and services.

Alberto Piatti

Head of continuing education for the FDFA
Claudio della Santa


L’Accademia Dimitri

The Accademia Dimitri is a theatre school with an address in physical theatre, affiliated to SUPSI, with its comprehensive training, services and research, is part of the educational-training context of contemporary theatre based on body expression.

Corinna Vitale

Head of advanced studies
Daniel Bausch

CAS responsible for “Teacher in Classroom and Communication: teaching and learning through body and voice”
Magda Ramadan
Hans-Henning Wulf, Responsible Area “TeatroEducazione” -TheatreEducation

Office Advanced Studies Dipartimento Formazione e Apprendimento
Denise Neves and Vittoria Ponti Tel. +41 (0)58 666 68 14

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