Bachelor of Arts in Theatre


  • The requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre training are:
    – between 18 and 26 years old
    – have a secondary school diploma (high school or professional baccalaureate) or equivalent diploma and/or outstanding artistic talent

The admission procedure for the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is divided into four phases.

  1. Application form
  2. Preliminary examination
  3. Admission examination
  4. Registration

Preliminary examinations Bachelor 2022/2023

  • NEW 7 May: Verscio, Accademia Dimitri -> LAST CALL!
  • 10 April: Verscio, Accademia Dimitri
  • 13 March: Berlin, UDK, Universität der Künste, 12459 Berlin
  • 12 March: Bern, HKB, Hochschule der Künste
  • 6 March: Paris, Compagnie RL, 11 rue Saint Luc 75018 Paris
  • 5 March: Milan, Teatro Trebbo, Via Edmondo de Amicis 17, 20123 Milano

Application form

Candidates must send the application form below, completed in all its parts, enclosing the required documentation (important information on the registration deadline and the form can be found in the downloadable document on the side). Enrolment deadline: it is still possible to enrol during the admission examination.

Preliminary examination

Candidates are invited to take part in a four-hour workshop in which, in the presence of two teachers from the Academy, the overall preparation, the ability to work in groups and the expressive, technical and artistic potential of each candidate is assessed.

Admission examination

The entrance examination takes place over three days.
Those taking part in the entrance examination are divided into several groups.
On the morning of the first day, the individual audition takes place: each candidate presents a prepared scenic composition of a maximum of 3.5 minutes using any means of expression (pantomime, dance, clowning, music, singing, acting, circus arts) as long as it is set in a theatrical situation. The stage composition will be assessed according to the following criteria: presence, imagination, physicality. The lessons of the basic modules of the ATD (pantomime, theatrical improvisation, acrobatics, dance, rhythm, voice) will follow. For non-Italian-speaking candidates, an Italian test is also scheduled for the fourth day (the result of the test does not affect the outcome of the entrance examination).
Lessons in the basic modules continue on the second and third day.

Admission examination 2022/2023

  • 8 – 10 May: Verscio, Switzerland

Italian intensive course

Admitted candidates who do not have an A2 level of Italian are required to follow the intensive Italian language course held in Verscio.


Candidates who have successfully passed the admission exam will be contacted by the secretariat and invited to complete their registration by paying the instalment for the first semester of studies.

The academic year for students in the first year of the Bachelor’s degree starts on 13 September 2022.

Study plan

Il piano di studi

L’insegnamento è costituito da un ampio ventaglio di materie di movimento e di teatro, a completamento delle quali si propongono workshop e momenti di approfondimento

our courses

I corsi

L’insegnamento è composto da lezioni regolari nelle materie principali, moduli didattici diversificati, numerosi corsi di approfondimento e la creazione di spettacoli teatrali.

teaching faculty

I docenti

Tutti i docenti della Scuola Teatro Dimitri sono professionisti nei loro ambiti di insegnamento.

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