Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Bachelor in Theater training takes three years full-time, equivalent to 180 ECTS.  The teaching puts the body as a means of scenic expression at the center of the training and consists of a wide range of subjects of movement and theater, divided into Basic Sphere, Deepening Sphere and Production Sphere.



The training aims to provide the student with a wealth of acrobatic elements. The mastery of the means achieved during the training allows to develop and refine a specific language through movement.

Clowning, Entrées clownesques, Slapstick

The module offers an experience that draws on the playful side of the students and the most visceral instincts of the human being and stimulates a radical physical and vocal transformation.


The training course aims to provide the student with a differentiated baggage of technical and artistic skills in the field of dance. The aim is to develop and sustain a physicality that allows students to express themselves through dance.

Fundamentals of Pantomime Technique

This Pantomime module consists of 6 courses: Mute scenes, Scenes with a ball, Pantotecnica, Pantostile, Construction of and Acting with a mask, Make-up and costume history.

Rhythm through movement

The training course aims to provide the student with the awareness of rhythm and musicality in a theatrical action to express themselves through movement.

Theater Improvisation

The educational path leads the student to develop his own imaginary world through physical, emotional and verbal action.

Theory and history of theater

The module aims to bring students to develop an analytical point of view with respect to their education and to deepen their intellectual and cultural horizons.

Voice education

The knowledge of one’s own voice and its development directed to theatricality are specific objectives of the course

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