Specialization in Teatro di Figura

Material, object, puppet theatre

Duration of the study: 4 semesters (90 ECTS)
Full-time curriculum


Enrolment fee Master documentation: CHF 50.

Admission exam fee : CHF 150.-

Semester tuition fee: CHF 1’200.- (non-refundable)

Responsible for Master Studies
Anna Gromanová
Master administration
Tamara Kaelin

Teatro di Figura focuses on teaching a form of theatre that uses materials, objects, and puppets in addition to or instead of live performers, deepening the practical and creative aspect of animation theatre, as well as its historical and theoretical context.

In view of its aim to produce movement and emotion from “dead” matter, it could be termed theatre of animation. Substituting the human actor with an inanimate object does not contradict the original meaning of “théatron” as the spectators’ “place to watch from”; what we watch in the Teatro di figura contours humanity in its universality and infinite plasticity.

While primarily focused on exploring practices of puppet theatre in the broadest sense, the purpose of the course is to emphasize the Teatro di figura’s importance in the history of theatre as the fourth form besides the three other established forms: dramatic theatre, music theatre, and dance theatre. The program is not only designed to maintain a genre that is older than the theatre with live actors, but to use it as an artistic laboratory to experiment with the basic elements that determine our idea of what theatre is – and could be.

Trailer Master "Teatro di Figura"

The study focuses on:

Technical skills

  • animation technique
  • the search for a distinctive theatrical language with materials, objects, or puppets

Cognitive and analytical skills

  • theoretical aspects of theatre and other arts
  • analysis of different performances and phenomena of theatre

Competences of artistic practices and theatre skills

  • composing
  • dramaturgy
  • directing

Communicative and organisational skills

  • project management
  • presentations and forum discussions

Creative skills

  • development of a creative process
  • transposition of an idea or a topic into a theatrical creation

Profile of the candidate:

The application requirement for the specialisation in Applied Theatre Practice is a Bachelor’s degree in theatre, dance, circus arts or equivalent. Where there is exceptional artistic talent, candidates without an academic degree may be admitted.
The candidate is required to:

  • show great ability and a strong interest in working with materials, objects or puppets

  • define the area and topic of their artistic exploration

  • outline the idea of a creative project that could develop into a diploma work

Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre

A topic related to one’s own body and its physicality is the starting point for an artistic research leading to a theatrical creation presented to an audience.

Applied Theatre Practice

Applied Theatre Practice

The artist is confronted with social realities that lie outside his field of competence in the strict sense (art)

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