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Salomé Coquoz (con Noémie Siraut) nel suo lavoro di fine formazione individuale all'Accademia DImitri.

Passés composés

Salomé Coquoz (with Noémie Siraut)

Passés composés

In your diary, write "mortə" next to the name?
Draw a cross, a grave?
Add the date of death?
Are you canceling it?
You’re not doing anything?
Do you have a personal method?
Do you delete the name from an electronic address book?
Do you delete it when you no longer think about the dead person?
Cancel a friend far away but not your mother?
How do you feel when you check the box:
Cancel contact ?


Que faites-vous de vos morts ? - Sophie Calle


Les Feuilles mortes by Jacques Prévert and Joseph Kosma
Lacrimosa by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Big Ship by BrianEno

Wood construction: atelier MOP A and Elia Albertella


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