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Dr. Sick

by Jit Dastidar

Dr. Sick

Past event

Year 2021. Millions of people can instantly access information. It has become easier to get there, create and share information. At the same time it has become easier for others to take them off. What if someone gets lost in the maze of this reality?

In this show of contemporary collaborative theater, a student of the Master of Arts in Theatre of the Dimitri Academy finds himself trapped at the center of this vortex that is the modern media landscape. This theatrical artist from Bangladesh comes up with the farce of the innovative techniques of mass media manipulation and fights jokingly against the insidious sides of this manipulation with gloomy mood.


Charlie Chaplin once said, "We must laugh in the face of our powerlessness in the face of the forces of nature - or go mad." Facing this force majeure, the actor resorts to his last power that allows him to live genuinely, telling lies on stage.

This project was born from an international collaboration between artists from various disciplines and coming from Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Thailand, Scotland, Taiwan, Austria, France and, of course, from Bangladesh. The intercultural approach makes the artistic creation of this Master’s diploma work an unmissable show of the Dimitri Theatre.


Supervision: Daniel Bausch
Lighting Designer: Christoph Siegenthaler
Technical Support / internship: Timo Comandé
Graphic Designer: Timothy Thian
Sound Design / Studio Arrangement: Simon Huggler
Sound consultant: Jing Ng
Costume Designer: Nathaniel Chan
Sound Recorder / Designer: Elia Albertella
Make Up Artist and Costume Consultant: Steffi Metzner

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