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Marco Valerio Montesano


Sunday 28 April 2024 at 18:30 at Teatro Dimitri

Saturday 4 May 2024 16:30 at Teatro Dimitri

𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗥𝗬 🎟️ until seats are filled

Logonìa is the result of a world known and deepened on the one law of the word.

The word at the centre of the relationship between man and God; God bureaucrat, God father, God institution, God state. This God is not religious but verbose.

The man finds himself on this journey with this non-chosen God.

It is a war on words and their abuse, a war on the proliferation of verbose bacteria, we seek content, words that excite us, we crave interesting insights, we listen to podcasts, read director's notes and we put subtitles on Instagram reels so we can enjoy the words even without their sound, so we can have words written under words heard. We are subjugated by words, slaves to their meanings and few realise how true the sound of one hand is.

Rhetoric is not a safe zone, it is self-destructive and is about to explode, leaving man speechless, and the whole world that nourished him destroyed.

45 minutes

Show of Marco Valerio Montesano

With the collaboration of Hosteria Fermento - Michele Enrico Montesano and Francesco Pietrella 

Physical supported by Sohane Sourget

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