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Upside Inside

by Finn Jagd Andersen

Upside Inside

Past event

Concept and performance

"Upside Inside" by Finn Jagd Andersen - 12 & 14 May

Dramaturgy, external eye

Finn Jagd Andersen

Aerial acrobatic choreography

Charlotte Mathiessen

Movement coach

Cornelia Küng

Sound design

Helena Nicolao


Chris Sigdell


Christoph Siegenthaler

Raphael Schneider & Erwin Forster


What is going on? What are you doing here? What are you seeing, listening, feeling, understanding right now? How do you make sense of the information your senses send to the nervous system? What is your experiences experiencing? Who is thinking about the meaning of what you see? A play can talk about all this in a meaningful way?
Upside/Inside is a physical performance about perception, sense, human anatomy and the absurdity of the strange idea of trying to make sense of anything by putting it on stage. It is a solo performance that uses the highly specialized body of the physical performer in new and strange ways, combining the spoken word with physical expression.

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