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“The guarantee of a training offer that meets every specific need.”

For several years the Accademia Teatro Dimitri has been offering tailor-made training courses for public and private companies in every sector: the long experience in the field of training and the presence of experienced teachers and professionals in different fields, allow us to guarantee a tailor-made training that meets every specific need.

Nowadays we are constantly confronted with an accelerated and ever-changing world, which requires the individual’s growing ability to adapt: commitment, effectiveness, lucidity, but also flexibility and creativity become essential paradigms to successfully respond to this new context.

A complex situation that, when faced with the right tools, can also prove to be an opportunity for growth and renewal, and allow, in the end, to assert one’s potential.


The workshops of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri are addressed to companies and also to individual professionals, and are created to allow participants to develop a process of learning and growth, combining work and theatre art objectives. Games, exercises and actions from the world of theatre give life to funny, ironic and incisive moments at the same time, which open new perspectives and lead to innovative reflections and solutions.

Training offer:
The training offer focuses on important themes of personal interaction and development, such as presence, spontaneity, communication, team spirit, cohesion, collaboration, play, improvisation, development of body awareness and voice. All the workshops are between animation – the workshop should be fun! – and self-reflection: the themes and various contents are discussed in detail and adapted directly to the needs and wishes of the participants:

Team Building and Change Management

The workshop provides the tools to activate skills that are vital for a good team, such as the ability to relate actively and positively with colleagues and collaborators, to increase cohesion and collaboration, and to be proactively open to new ideas and changes. The workshops are mainly practice-oriented and allow participants to experience new situations, which are fun but also have a strong relational impact, and new “territories” through an exploration approach.

Creative Leadership

How to deal with employees and collaborators, how to actively involve them in company processes by being flexible and open to new approaches, even outside the box. How to be reactive, how to offer innovative and effective solutions, even in changing or unexpected circumstances. All these skills are discussed and developed in this workshop, which can also be described as an intensive course for a single person.

Communication and Confidence

The course aims to familiarize participants with the creative, free and innovative use of different ways of interpersonal communication, both within a team and at meetings or conventions. Thanks to the tools of theatre, participants will be able to develop the skills needed to communicate information and dispositions, as well as their opinions and visions, in a way that is not only affirmative and convincing, but also spontaneous and involving.

Feedback Theatre

The workshop includes an initial phase of observation within a team or a company by one or more theatre professionals, who attend group work, discussions, meetings, and then propose, through brief moments on stage, an analysis of the dynamics and attitudes observed. The staging offers participants a living and authentic mirror of behaviour, moments or critical situations, opening a space for discussion and comparison, and giving everyone the opportunity to propose ideas for solving the problems that have emerged.

Physical Theatre
Physical Theatre
Physical Theatre
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