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TheatreEducation Area 

The TeatroEducazione Area of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri was founded in 2002. Conceived and developed by actors of movement theatre, it has always maintained its deep roots in the art of theatre making. The Area deals with conceiving, activating and implementing projects and practices related to theatre as an educational resource.


Our workshops and projects explore a participatory, creative and experiential approach to teaching through theatre.


A pioneering and long-standing experience in the area has allowed us to develop and give life to a wide range of workshops, workshops and theatre performances to be offered at the school premises or at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri.


Our training proposals place students and teachers at the centre of each project and enhance their sensitivity, skills and abilities in practices that offer the opportunity to experience the potential of the intertwining of body, mind and emotion.

Our projects and training proposals are supported by a continuous pedagogical, artistic and theoretical research to deepen the relationship between artistic languages and educational practices, promoting multidisciplinarity and transversal teaching.


Our offers

The TeatroEducazione projects are integrated into the school’s programmes. They are shaped through coordinated and carefully structured activities developing topics of relevance both to the school curriculum and to the lives of children, students and teachers.


The work can take the form of a workshop or laboratory, or explore the approach to the creation and implementation of a staging. The methods, style and duration of the courses vary according to the topic and age group.


The offer is aimed at children, young people and teachers in public and private schools.


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