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Marino Sampayo

Year Robinia

I was born in the north of Spain, in Oviedo, 21 years ago.
Growing up near the sea, this environment deeply influenced my connection with nature and the beauty of the sea. With a Swiss mother and a Spanish father, I grew up with a broad cultural perspective, which allows me to blend different influences in my artistic work.
After my early years by the sea, I grew up in a town near Madrid, where I attended the Swiss School and graduated in 2020. During this time, my interest in resolving conflicts and promoting the welfare of others manifested early on, laying the foundations of my artistic commitment to social and environmental awareness.
I founded my association, WECCO, which hosts several projects such as VESALMAR, dedicated to documenting initiatives for the preservation of the marine environment, GIVE ME BAG, a project that uses art to raise awareness about textile waste and promote sustainability or IM THE FOREST, where we work to preserve the forest and rivers.
My passion for dance, rhythm and theatre has led me to explore different artistic productions as well as 2 TEDx Talks. My constant search for new forms of expression led me to apply to Accademia Dimitri, where 3 years later I seek to expand my skills and explore the link between art, psychology and environmental consciousness in my fine art work through Garcia Lorca and artistic censorship.

Spettacolo Teatrale Accademia Dimitri
Amelie Ruegsegger
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