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Filippo Randi in his work at the Accademia Dimitri.


Filippo Randi


What is the art?

Why not simply an interlocutor to whom to turn to find the answer to your critical issues? Even before finding an answer it is necessary to clarify who the artist is. Certainly not the only character, rooted and intrinsically present in it, perhaps unconsciously chosen by the artist but daily evoked by him to appease the seven identity of his creator. Here is the turning point! Faced with this sooner or later inevitable event, the artist can remain helpless and passively abandon himself to depersonalization or, with excess of zero, deny, abandon, trap his character allowing nine masks to come to life. Such a process presupposes, however, an essential condition: to know one another, to find oneself. A means is needed that can impress an instant in eternity, making one’s being unique and universal. The best is art. But...

Actors: Filippo Randi, Francesco Daglia, Georgia Paliogianni

Music by: Filippo Randi

Text by: Filippo Randi

Choreography: Filippo Randi, Georgia Paliogianni


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