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Support fund for Accademia Dimitri students

The Accademia Dimitri counts young people from a wide variety of countries as well as from Switzerland among its students. All of our students enrich the Accademia from a personal, cultural and artistic point of view. 
Sometimes, some of them have a difficult financial situation that requires some form of help. This is usually sought from private foundations, which, on the other hand, impose conditions (age, previous training, residence, etc.) that cannot always be met by our young people in training. 
For this reason, the Accademia Dimitri has set up a 'Support Fund for Female and Male Students of the Accademia Dimitri' aimed at supporting those who find themselves in a temporarily difficult or urgent economic situation and for whom it is not possible to wait for a scholarship (which may be granted many months later or never at all). 
We would therefore like to draw your attention to the fact that there is at least one possibility to help our students through the Support Fund, with a payment to IBAN account CH37 8080 8003 1410 9010 4 Accademia Dimitri, Raiffeisen Bank, 6653 Verscio. 

A second possibility will be the Padrinati (in preparation). 
For any further information, without obligation and with the utmost discretion: contact the head of the Study Aid Service.

Claudia Lafranchi
058 666 67 62

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