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Summer courses

Summer courses

The Accademia Dimitri summer courses offer an intensive and rich experience in the world of the performing arts, led by experienced masters. Immersed in an enchanting setting, participants explore a wide range of disciplines, from theatrical performance to dance and circus, sharing this adventure with participants from around the world.

Through our courses, you will have the opportunity to explore your body's potential with innovative techniques, pushing the limits of conventional routines. For professionals, these summer courses are a golden opportunity to hone skills and expand the professional network.

Immersion in the worlds of theater, dance and circus arts is a unique experience that can enrich not only those working in the performing arts but also those coming from different fields. In a world where time goes by so quickly, theater and the arts are valuable tools for re-establishing a deep connection with yourself, regaining balance with your body's natural rhythms.


And don't forget that oursummer courses offer the opportunity to spend time in an extraordinary setting, immersed in the beauty of the Terre di Pedemonte.

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Summer courses for children

Summer courses for adults

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