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Spettacolo Falling Accademia Dimiri

About Us

We like to dream big.

Accademia Dimitri today

Today, Accademia Dimitri is an evolving, multidisciplinary professional college. A true educational and creative laboratory, it innovates and renews itself in the pioneering spirit that characterized the actions of its founders. The artistic impulse of Dimitri and the pedagogical legacy of Richard Weber are constantly rearticulated and developed in new ways, in a confrontation between historical roots and international influences, with a direct look at the most current challenges of the contemporary art world and society.

Physical Theatre

The artistic pedagogy developed by the academy is based on a form on physical theatre that originates at the intersection of theatre, dance, and circus arts. It is a theatre where the actor's body and movement are at the center of the dramaturgical process. The body is an instrument of the work, where form and content are outlined and expressed through movement.
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The pedagogical and artistic objective of the academy is to train creative personalities who possess the tools to shape, through theatrical art, their own aesthetics, and points of view.


The dramaturgies of the body inspire and guide the vision of a theatre capable of articulating multiple identities and open to entering into dialogue with the constant transformations of the present time.


The academy is open to all and promotes quality education in line with a lifelong learning concept. In addition to education, it is dedicated to inclusive research and creation projects, embracing diversity and cultures.

An educational offering wrapped in sound principles


The centrality of the person in their entirety – of their relationship with their body, their mental and physical well-being, their frame of reference and viewpoints on any number of topics, and their specificity – constitutes the essential value that presides over the activities of every sector of the academy: from basic training to continuing education, from research to community theatre. Through its actions and initiatives, it promotes fundamental values of listening, inclusion, accessibility, and sociality, reaffirming the importance of art as a means of building a more equitable, united, aware, and diverse society.

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