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The Art of Giggle doctoring

The transformative power of using living arts in healthcare

The advanced studies program focuses on the role of Giggle Doctors in healthcare contexts, particularly within hospitals and children's facilities. The professional performing artists directly engage with pediatric patients, their surroundings, and the medical team, utilising artistic modalities such as improvisation, magic, music, storytelling, and clowning to establish authentic connections tailored to individual vulnerable people. Functioning as representatives of the Foundation, Giggle Doctors adhere to high presentation standards and actively contribute to fulfilling the values of the Theodora Foundation. Central to this program is the exploration of improvisation and clowning, as fundamental skills. But also, knowledge in necessary hospital protocols is part the program. This program equips participants with the skills needed to work in the dynamic and impactful role of Giggle doctors in healthcare environments.

This is a tailor-made CAS, in cooperation with the Theodora Foundation.



Daniel Bausch – Continuous training Manager at Accademia Dimitri

Main teacher - Improvisation, space, rhythm, scenarios.

Emmanuel Sembely – Specialised in the art of clowning in healthcare and trainer

Main teacher - Integration, play and clowning, pleasure, inner energy, consciousness of the audience, give the best, entries and exits.

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