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Our community

Board of Directors

Wilma Minoggio (President)

Masha Dimitri

Franco Gervasoni

Giorgio Gilardi

Maricarmen Losa

Mauro Martinoni

Elena Maria Pandolfi

Giò Rezzonico

Michele Tognetti

Advisory Commission

Marco Lorenzi (President)

Liliana Heimberg

Georges Pfründer

Sarah Simili


The Accademia Dimitri has dual interim leadership, headed by Anna Gromanová, Head of Artistic and Basic Training, and Veronica Provenzale, Head of Administration and Human Resources.

Anna Gromanová is responsible for defining and supervising the artistic pedagogy that connotes the academy in each of its programs and events, defining its approach, goals, and development, as well as ensuring its quality and modernization. She is also in charge of leading the Basic Training, in dialogue with SUPSI, organizing the curriculum, performances, and events, and coordinating faculty, field staff, and the student body. She is the contact person at other theatre schools and institutions of the arts in Switzerland and abroad and maintains the academy's relations within the national and international artistic network.


Veronica Provenzale is responsible for managing the administrative and financial aspects of the academy and ensuring the implementation of the strategies developed by the Management, Board of Directors, and SUPSI. She coordinates and monitors the activities of the academy's services (Communication and Marketing, Finance, Technology, and Logistics) and the Secretariat, and is a point of reference for the academy's employees and SUPSI. She represents the academy to SUPSI Management and maintains relationships with external contacts of interest to the school. As a Researcher, she develops and coordinates individual research projects in collaboration with the Head of Research.

Extended Direction

Daniel Bausch - Head of Advanced Studies 

Demis Quadri - Head of Research and Service Performance

Institutional Sectors

Basic Training

Anna Gromanová – Head of Basic Training and Teacher

Luisa Braga – Bachelor Student Coordinator and Teacher

Marek Turosik – Master Student Coordinator and Teacher

Nancy Fürst –Bachelor Program Coordinator and Teacher

Tamara Kaelin – Administration Basic Training

Silviana Vogt – Basic Training Administrative Assistant, Library Manager

Advanced Studies

Daniel Bausch – Head of Advanced Studies

Francesca Marcacci – Summer Course Administration

Jessica Di Pasquale – Advanced Studies Administration

Research and Provision of Services

Demis Quadri – Head of Research and Service Performance

Angela Calia – Teacher and Junior Researcher

Mathieu Horeau – Teacher and Researcher

Veronica Provenzale – Researcher

Daniel Bausch – Services Collaborator and Trainer

Emmanuel Pouilly – Services Collaborator and Trainer

Hans Henning Wulf – Theatre Education Manager and Trainer

Silviana Vogt – Library Manager

Internal services


Francesca Marcacci – Secretariat and Summer Courses Coordinator

Finance Administration

Michela Ceroni – Head of Finance & Auditing

Lorenza Gobbi – Human Resources Contact

Claudia Lafranchi – Scholarship Service

Technology and Logistics

Ricki Maggi – Logistics and Technical Manager

Andrea Ferrari  Technician
Jacopo Sidari 

Carmelo Mulé – Maintenance

Concetta Santaguida – Collaborator

Viviana Gilardi  Collaborator


Susanna Lotz – Communications and Marketing Manager

Jessica Di Pasquale – Collaborator

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