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Master on tour: next steps

We are pleased to announce the next stages of alumnǝ of the Master of Arts in Theatre, Matilda Fatur, Nikolas Stocker and Nikolas Strubbe!

Prepare to be enchanted by a variety of performances that embody the creativity and talent that emerged from the Accademia Dimitri.

20 June - Bialystok, Poland

Matilda Fatur and Nikolas Strubbe will present their final master works at the PuppetNoPupper Festival. Immerse yourself in imaginary worlds and be amazed by their mastery of figure theatre.

21 June - Baden, Switzerland

Matilda Fatur, Nikolas Stocker and Nikolas Strubbe will stage Boxlife, a play created during the Devised Group Project of the Master of Arts in Theatre at the Accademia Dimitri, at the Figura Theaterfestival. An explosion of collaboration and ingenuity in a play that will leave you breathlesso.

We are incredibly proud of Matilda, Nikolas and Nikolas' achievements and wish them a bright future in the world of performing arts.

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