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À Peine

by Jean-François Meuwly

À Peine

Past event

Acting, direction, dramaturgy, set design and costumes

"À Peine" by Jean-François Meuwly - 19 & 21 May


Sound and lighting design

J-F "Paco" Meuwly
Tamara Lysek
Xabi "Jabato" Lopez


Outer eye

Joël Corboz


Graphic design

Maria Alonso Del Val


Léa Giordanengo

Javier Sanchez Iglesias



60 Minutes


Heaps of anonymous corpses.  Desecrated bodies. Waste.
A woman wakes up in the middle of a landfill. The world outside the law, the world of the margins, the crazy, the excluded. His laments are the notes of a lost dignity. Desperate, pitiful and near death, the woman wanders and confronts her violent memories. The laughter of the pigs resounds and dances in the shadows.

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