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After the End

by Nicholas Strubbe

After the End

Past event

"After The End" is an original play of physical theater, with: garbage puppets, hungry scammers and the end of the world...
After a cataclysm, a survivor wonders what it means to continue living, when community, language and even responsibility have disappeared. This solitary scavenger explores the shadows of a world gone dark, discovering stories and new friends in unexpected places. Combining Trickster mythology, post-apocalyptic imagery and surreal comedy, "After The End" explores the role of storytelling in dealing with the loss of a shared reality. If nothing was permanent (except plastic and hunger), who would we become? "After The End" is an irreverent dark comedy for anyone who has had to leave behind their world and start over.


Non-verbal, suitable for all ages

Created and starring: Nikolas Strubbe

Stage design: Nikolas Strubbe and Nikolas Stocker

Special thanks: Matilda Fatur

Lights, photography, posters, existential panic and animal noises: Nikolas Strubbe

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