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by Ludmila Ješutová


Past event

IF is only one physical theatre performance. It shows a young woman who decides to become a real Barbie doll.
How far can we go? Different shape, different color... How much can we change our body to achieve perfection? Can it lead to true satisfaction? How much, the perception of our body, is manipulated from the outside? Who establishes the canons of beauty?


IF is an introspection in the head of a person struggling with self-image, self-esteem and imperfection.

IF is a diary of the feelings of a child who was born in the modern visual society.

Inspired by the real life of the phenomenon Barbie.


Author and performer: Ludmila Ješutová
External eye: Paula König, Karolína Jansová
Sound design: Jakub Štourač
Scenography and costumes: Karolína Jansová, Ludmila Ješutová Lighting design: Christoph Siegenthaler

Technician: Timo Comandé
Language: English (almost not spoken) Age limit: 15+

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