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Mes Amours

by Mélina Prost

Mes Amours

Past event


Mélina Prost
Pierre-Marie Bommier
Xavier Nuñez-Lizama
Zoé Vuaillat
Camille Lucas



Mélina Prost


Musical creation 

Pierre-Marie Bommier


Lighting design

Jérémie Ravoux



Mélina Prost

Xavier Nuñez-Lizama



Zoé Vauillat


Directed by

Mélina Prost




60 Minutes


Mes Amours is a song, a dance.

It is a poem as a threat.

Or a moment to take stock.

Exploring the meanders of loving sentiment, one slips insidiously towards
an evocation of the violence that resides in intimate relationships.

How did we get there?

What to do now?

Through this legal cabaret we share our anger and our aspirations and
we wonder what "love" means in a society afflicted by
merchandising and misogyny.

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