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My Land is a Suitcase

by Aude Lorrillard

My Land is a Suitcase

Past event



Original and live music

Aude Lorrillard
Vita Malahova
Sebastien Olivier
Nirina Ralaivola


Electronic music

Nirina Ralaivola & Aude Lorrillard


Graphic design

Alberto Barberis



Stefano Giorgi


Christoph Siegenthaler

Deborah Erin Parini & Aude Lorrillard

My Land is a Suitcase (a title borrowed from the Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish) is a traveling musical theater piece about the emigration of a young woman who leaves her village - her homeland - to reach the city. During a performative odyssey, colored by traditional singing, the characters of this rural epic talk about the traditions of their ancestors and wonder about modernity, which can transform, forget or reinvent them.
When it comes time to leave your land, which we have loved out of habit and hated for boredom, what will we fill our suitcase with?  What do we keep with ourselves? Despite ourselves? Do we recover our traditions elsewhere? Do we want to recover them? Should we leave? My Land is a Suitcase invites the audience to attend a departure, and while following the doubts and paths of the young woman, raises the issue of transmission - and its transformations - through the generations.

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