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Quanti anni ho

by Eva Sotriffer

Quanti anni ho

Past event

Child, teenager, woman, mother, grandmother. How do all these figures connect in one person, in one body? How many and how old am I? We try to discover, throughout a lifetime and a while during this show, which wants to be an invitation to continue walking with the same curiosity, continue to be surprised by every new moment, by every memory that accompanies us or that pops up unexpectedly. Stop for a moment and then resume the way, building and completing it, one lap after another, always the same, never the same. Every step leaves a trace, whether it’s a footprint, a sound, or just a memory, somewhere will resonate. Can we find it again?
We just have to walk. Back you can not, let’s go forward.

"Quanti anni ho" is a theatrical show that brings into play the languages of puppet theatre, music and movement to offer the direct experience of a reflection on personal time and its spatial dimension in this world that we share.

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