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by Mamadou Soma


Past event

Idea, Creation and Interpretation

"Sini" by Mamadou Soma - 13 & 15 May


Idea and Musical Interpretation

Mamadou Soma



Simon Winsé


Christoph Siegenthaler



Yssouf Yaguibou


Djibril Ouattara
Martin Mur


Focusing on the future, SINI examines the past and wonders where we went wrong. As a modern-day researcher, he tries to build a home away from society in order to finally live a dignified life without having to wait for the alms of "Santa Claus".
At his site, SINI is looking for a new form or way that will allow his house to resist the phenomena of nature and men. Builds and deconstructs to the point of exhaustion. Tired and angry with this perpetual and permanent restart - and without confidence in the living - he decides to summon the dead to understand and find a solution to this absurd life. Will you find answers? Will you succeed in this construction?

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