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Smile and be quiet

by Karin Rose

Smile and be quiet


A private event. A performer behind a glass frame is waiting for guests to announce their choice. A card reveals tempting ingredients from which various performances have been created and which are now available for choice. Who will choose? What promises will seduce you? What descriptions will make you hesitate?

In the interactive environment of "Smile and be Quiet", Karin Rose examines the complex relationship between control and power. Who controls who and which associations should we resist?   This physical performance explores the potential of hybridization to challenge rooted identity constructs based on stereotypes through the lens of post-colonial practice. The focus of this artistic creation is the alternative narrative of a woman of Southeast Asian origin in a Central European society.

The evening culminates when the performer leaves the glass frame, joins the audience and opens up to the conversation. A real conversation.


Concept, Creation: Karin Rose
Dramaturgy, Mentoring, Co-creation: Yves Regenass
Music: Willy Razafimanjary
Costumes design: Andy Themo
Technical direction and lights: Elia Albertella
Graphics: Mia Mühlemann

Type of show: multi-disciplinary interactive performance

Language: English

Age: 16+

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