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Social Performing Arts in Venezuela

by Zorybel Garcia and Luis Bogado

Social Performing Arts in Venezuela

Ticket Fr. 10. - / Reduced Fr. 5.-
Places are limited and booking is mandatory.
Reservations: / 091 252 14 01

Social performing arts examine a collaborative process of theatrical creation for the positive development of young people. This process is essentially a complex set of interactions between students and theater facilitators who negotiate and work toward a shared vision, which is to learn the Circus, the Dance and the Theatre to create an original work in a short time and show it to the community firsthand.

By creating a carefully planned collective work, the theatre opens up possibilities for positive development for young people. The authors theorize a development model of collaborative theatrical creation and its impact on young people in vulnerable communities.


Direction: Zorybel Garcia and Luis Bogado "Enano

Teachers: Zorybel Garcia, Luis Bogado "Enano", Alejandro Pueyo, Kelvin Gonzalez, Emiliano Ron (Argentina)

Coordination: Ketsy Medina, Griselda Rondon

Photography and graphic design: Cacica Honta.

Directors: Gato Negro Media (Susy Peña, Alex Bartsch)

Technician: Anderson Rodriguez

Volunteers: Zoé Meynier (France), Fattier Family (Switzerland), Nathan Erard (Switzerland), Lucie N'Duhirahe (Switzerland), La Bulle d'art (Switzerland)

Musician: Jhoangel Tovar (Jhoabeat)



Embassy of France and Switzerland in Venezuela

Om healthy food

Artefacto Media


Teatro Río Caribe



Collaborators: Art en Air (Switzerland), Anthrop Association (Switzerland), Kitoko Association (Switzerland)

Special thanks: all the Venezuelan artists, the students of the social circus school of Manzanillo Venezuela, the indigenous communities Wayuu (Cota 905-Caracas), Piaroas (Amazonia), the communities of the Manzanoarte Festival: Arenal, Tarmas, La Vega, San Agustín.

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