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The Show Must Go Home

by Gili Keren

The Show Must Go Home

Past event


Keren Gili


External eye Clownerie

Adrian Schvarzstein


Costume designer

Rona Mishol


Graphic designer

Paula Aluap



Konstantin Demete


A show for families

45-55 min


In this show, the clown tries to tell a story by manipulating objects and giving them a new meaning, through which he reveals his own story.
A search for the loneliness of the clown through games, puppets, shadows and physical comedy, finds only complex solutions to simple problems and simple solutions to complex ones.
We use a lot of objects in our daily life. Is it possible to use objects differently? What if it affects people too? Do we assign each person a specific role in society, when in reality everyone can play many roles in his society at the same time? Find another use for an object or give it life: this is a metaphor in a written text.

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