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by Paula Ardila


Past event

Performance and dramaturgy

Paula Ardila


Outer eye

Carla Vellio



Ana Cecilia Falivene



45 minutes


At ten o'clock in the evening, the order to leave came violently. The fog masked everything. With screams and machetes, she was forced to leave her house. From the mountains, the dogs came down barking, angry, with lights that pierced the fog, surrounding it.
Resistance was forbidden. He heard the sound of running boots and the metallic noise of starving weapons. Silence.
In those days there was a whisper in the mountains: "They will kill us all".
Tulia had her arms outstretched, her hands clasping the earth: as she trembled, the earth trembled.  When he left his hands, the earth continued to tremble, shaken by the cries of those who would be dispossessed again and again.
And then Tulia understood.

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