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Where is the beat?

by Matilda Fatur

Where is the beat?

Past event

"Where is the beat?" is a tragicomic story about the effects of modern society on the individual, told through puppetry, music and humor. It tells the story of a person who one day wakes up and discovers that his body no longer responds as expected. In this desolate space, he tries to remember what triggers his fundamental joy and connects his body and soul. Join the protagonist on a journey of self-discovery, social criticism and jazz.

This original work reminds us what really matters: finding our unique "rhythm" and how this can help us survive and thrive amid overwhelming pressure

Created by Matilda Fatur as the final Master project in collaboration with the Dimitri Academy.


Language: English and non-verbal

Content Warning: Mentions of burnout

External eye: Anna Pannicia

Musician, composer: Ivan Luić

Table maker and designer: Nikolas Stocker

Creator puppets: Eva Sotriffer

Poster designer: Ena Vladika

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