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Resilient Stages

Empowerment through performing arts in conflict zones


01.2024 - 12.2024


3500.- CHF





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Daniel Bausch
058 666 6750


In an increasing number of workplaces, we meet people who come from very different realities of life, often marked by poverty and/or the experience of war, violence and/or persecution.

This training program provides a unique opportunity to experience intercultural work in local and international conflict and crisis areas and to use theatre-based approaches to tackle difficult realities. It is a so-called CAS, Certified of Advanced Studies with 10 ECTS (credits).

The CAS program consists of three modules that are based on each other and combine theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and reflections.

Participants will learn how theatrical work can be used to activate vital forces, strengthen self-awareness and a sense of community. He will learn to reflect on his starting position and to develop awareness of inequality and discrimination. It will analyze its own motivation and acquire skills and abilities to position itself in intercultural collaborations.

The participant will immerse himself in a stimulating and transformative experience. We propose an exchange with theatrical artists from the Kurdish regions of Iraq and/or Syria. We will experience how theatre can contribute to living diversity as a wealth, learning from each other. Theatrical work in crisis areas is a forward-looking cultural creation.

To whom it is addressed

The CAS is aimed at artists/ and international professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts (e.g. physical theater, dance, performance) with or without disabilities who wish to deepen the artistic practice, and expand their repertoire in scenic arts in inclusive contexts.


The methodology of the CAS programme is based on a combination of theoretical input, practical exercises and reflection. Self-reflection, work on the body and voice, mindfulness practice, improvisation, stage work, own teaching, exchange and discussion, as well as group work and creative processes are an integral part of the CAS. Participants have the opportunity to contribute their individual skills and interests and to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. The CAS places great emphasis on participatory and respectful interaction and building sustainable relationships with the local population.


1° module | 19 - 24 January 2024 | Basel

2° module | 25 March - 14 April 2024 | in northern Iraq or Rojava (north-western Syria)

3° module | 22 - 23 May 2024 | Verscio, TI

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