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Flurina Birri

Year Turchese

Two black eyes with raised eyebrows, a fuzzy red head, a green hat, a thick red mouth and a red nose in the middle: I used to go to carnivals with this painted laughing face as a child.
Perhaps it was this clown face drawn at carnival, the joy of movement in mother-child gymnastics or the clown nose given to me at a funeral that led me to a fascination with the circus.
As a child, I loved the Circus Monti shows and was fascinated by the performers and their body language. During my childhood, this enthusiasm led me to do gymnastics on various apparatuses and ropes and to explore the world of music. This exploration and curiosity to discover new things continued throughout my life.
After high school, I intensively discovered the world of clowns and, in addition to studying at the University of Lucerne to become a high school teacher, I completed my training as a hospital clown at the Tamala Clown Academy in Constance. Thanks to this experience, working with body language completely captured my heart. This is how my path led me to the Accademia Dimitri.
I am looking forward to discovering the world and the depth of expression at Accademia Dimitri and I am excited to see where my path - perhaps with real painted spiky eyebrows, a red fuzzy head, a green hat, a thick mouth and a red nose - will take me across the world.

Spettacolo Teatrale Accademia Dimitri
Amelie Ruegsegger
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