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Francesco Daglia

Year Turchese

Date of birth: 20/04/2001
Place of birth: Borgomanero (NO), Italy
Nationality: Italian
Languages: Italian, French, English, German (approximately)

Francesco Daglia was born in Borgomanero (No) (i.e. yes) (no is the province) in the second spring of the new millennium, on the same day as Adolf Hitler and in the same year of the World Trade Center attack. In short, omen of hope....
An only child, he always wanted a little sister, but she never came because, according to his father, it would already be "a huge commitment" to take care of him. He was right.
He has suffered for years from a terrible disease that has caused his primary school teachers enormous concern: speaking. His highest record of continuous silence in wakefulness is 12 seconds.
As early as nursery school he cultivates the passion for the stage. At age of three, he memorized a poem about Santa Claus of no less than 12 stanzas, in endecasyllables, which he acts with a certain nonchalance in front of his classmates and their parents: it was his first audience!
Francesco finally decides to settle down by conforming to the society in which he lives, striving to become an ordinary person. Thanks to this turnaround he gets out of middle school and high school respectively with 10 and 100, inexplicably hoping to get 1000 at law university, which he attends assiduously as a hobby, as he likes to say. He learns to play piano and percussions, to wash the floor without wasting hot water, and to take care of his cat Matisse. He loves buses and is fascinated by dishwashers.
At the age of 14 he met Robi Lombardi, artistic director of LaRibalta art-group in Novara, who conveyed to him the passion for improvisational theater and theater pedagogy and, above all, who makes him part of a second large family, fulfilling his dream of living in an environment with at least four people (cats excluded).
No dice, at age 20 a relapse. Sitting on the university desks and listening to a tedious professor complaining about the inability of the future generations, he decides to redeem himself, temporarily abandoning the ordinary world and throwing himself into the world of art which he had meanwhile continued to cultivate through contact with numerous students and teachers from prestigious theater academies.
He begins to write and collect all his ideas and thoughts in a little notebook, he composes music and poetry, he acts in different shows and teaches theater to young people. He loves wordplays, memorizing train times, all kinds of rhythm and the 98% of the words in the dictionary. He hates the remaining 2% because of his logophobia, according to Freud an infallible defense mechanism.

Spettacolo Teatrale Accademia Dimitri
Amelie Ruegsegger
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