Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Duration of studies:  6 semesters full time (180 ECTS)

Language:                  Italian

A three hundred and sixty degree, multi-purpose education, in short. “These students have more possibilities than other schools that do not have such a comprehensive training. Some of them will be able to work as actors, others in circus street theatre projects. Still others will be able to go more towards dance…. I also see great talents in terms of music. Here they could then enter some musical. They also learn lights, learn how to build sets, work with masks’.

Cristiana Morganti

General presentation

The BA of Arts in Theatre has the peculiarity of bringing together in a single path the study of the performing arts of theater, dance and circus. The learning and practice of different disciplines allows the aspiring actor to experiment with different languages, equipping him with the necessary tools to be able to combine them and put them into play.

The goal is to training an actor whose skills are not limited by a specific artistic discipline, but who, on the contrary, knows how to move easily between the fields, encouraging him in the meantime towards the search for a personal style. At the same time, in order to bring the student closer to the working reality, the Academy promotes meetings with professionals in all field, called to collaborate as teachers or directors; the result of the collaboration between experts and students is the realization of shows and productions presented at national and international festivals and theaters. It is precisely this combination of school learning and the concreteness of a professional vision that distinguishes our training offer, where the technical-artistic preparation is accompanied by a direct knowledge of the world of theater.


The teaching consists of a wide range of subjects of movement and theater, which are complemented by workshops and moments of deepening of the most varied techniques of theater such as clowning, slapstick, pantomime, commedia dell’arte, dance theater, etc..

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Theater Improvisation

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Voice education

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Demis Quadri

Professor of Research and Didactics in Physical Theatre, Head of Research & Services, Teacher in Theory and History of...


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