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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a three-year course that focuses on preparing the body as a narrative tool and developing performance techniques to train versatile and autonomous artists in Physical Theatre. During training, students gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge through regular courses, intensive teaching modules (in-depth study of specific topics), and productions that are presented in Switzerland and abroad.


Title released

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre


6 semesters - Full Time


180 ETCS


Open til May 2024

Semester Start

August 2024

Annual fee

CHF 5'300





Head of Artistic and Basic Training
Anna Gromanova

Basic training administrative assistant

Silviana Vogt



  • Contents
    The training involves learning different techniques of movement and theatrical interpretation, with the aim of acquiring a physical language and personal expression in Physical Theatre. In addition to the disciplines that form the foundation of the curriculum, the education also offers spaces for independent work and optional courses. The final year of the training is specifically dedicated to the scene and creation, providing tools for the production of the three diploma works in the sixth semester: one individual work realised independently, and two collective works directed by guest directors. Each year a tour of these works is planned in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Objectives
    - to acquire a variety of expressive languages thanks to multidisciplinary training bringing together teachings from the theatre, dance and circus arts   - to acquire the necessary tools for creation due to moments of experimentation and blending the various disciplines that make up the curriculum   - to develop the ability both to work in a team, making one's skills and inventiveness available, and to invest oneself in personal creations.
  • Education program

Admission procedure

Step 1 - Application for registration

Applicants must submit the application form below,  attaching the requested documentation.

An application fee of CHF 50.- is required on the day of the pre-examination, payable in cash.

Preliminary exams

Entrance exams

Discover the teachers

The teachers of the Bachelor at the Accademia Dimitri experts in various performing arts, from pantomime to theatrical improvisation, acrobatics and dance. With a multidisciplinary approach, guide students toward artistic and creative excellence.

Docenti Accademia Dimitri
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Discover the productions

The productions of Bachelor's students at the Accademia Dimitri offer an eclectic mix of talent and creativity, ranging from pantomime to improvisational theater. They are an expression of the multidisciplinary training and artistic innovation that characterize the academy.

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