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Bachelor's productions


At the Accademia Dimitri, Bachelor students have the opportunity to participate in three types of productions: LIFF (Individual End-of-Training Work); LCFF (Collective End-of-Training Work) and the Variété.

These productions reflect the diversity and richness of the academy's training offer.

Artisti in Formazione


Individual  End of Study Work

It is a project that includes two key components. First, a Written Research, where students write a thesis on a real or imaginary character, which serves as inspiration for the second part. Second, a Theatre Production, which is an individual performance based on the written research. This approach balances theory and practice, providing a comprehensive training for Bachelor students.


Collective end-of-training work

During the third year of the Bachelor programme, students participate in the Collective End-of-Training Work (LCFF). This special project consists of the creation of a full-length play, directed by a professional director from outside the academy. The aim is to provide students with intensive practical experience and the opportunity to collaborate in an environment that simulates the dynamics of the professional theatre world.


A mix of performing arts

Another mainstay of Bachelor training at the Accademia Dimitri is the genre show 'Variété'. This production is a fascinating mix of performing arts that can include elements of dance, singing, clowning and more. Created under the guidance of a director from outside the academy, the show offers students an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in a multifaceted and professional theatrical environment.

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