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Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies at the Accademia Dimitri 

In line with the philosophy of lifelong learning, the Advanced Studies sector embraces a dual mission. On the one hand, it aims to provide professional artists in the performing arts with an opportunity for their development and learning. On the other hand, it strives to direct theater and its resources toward aspects of a social nature, aligning its skills with the challenges imposed by the profound changes in society. In this context, it also opens up to professionals from different fields, offering them the opportunity for a unique training experience.

Advanced Studies offers a wide range of educational courses, providing opportunities locally, nationally and internationally, particularly through the use of "physical theater" techniques. It is conceived as a place for the exchange of practical experience, artistic creation and reflection.


This area falls into two main categories: certified and non-certified offerings.


Not-certified offerings are open to a wide audience, including girls and children, adolescents and adults, both amateurs and professionals, currently ranging in summer courses.


Certified offerings, on the other hand, are aimed at professionals from different spheres, offering them the opportunity to continue their professional growth and discover a deep awareness of their own potential. These proposals are designed to guide them in their search for new professional directions and opportunities in their field, promoting professional networking and possible job outlets.

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