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CAS - Certificate in Advanced Studies

The Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS), offered by Accademia Dimitri, is an academic degree specializing in the performing arts and social work. These programs provide a continuing education opportunity that is close to the workplace and society and is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to deepen their artistic skills and knowledge.

CAS is a good option for those who wish to gain advanced skills in a specific area without committing to a longer course of study and can be a valuable addition to a professional career.


Tailored Certificate in Advanced Studies
Among the various options available, our tailor-made certificate offerings occupy a prominent place. In close cooperation with the Theodora Foundation, we have developed training programs that mainly involve new staff members of the Foundation.

Discover the ongoing CAS

CAS Intercultural Coaching

Performance techniques for dialogue

CAS Theatricality meets Dementia

Second edition

CAS Performing Arts and Inclusion

Second edition

CAS in the Art of Giggle doctoring

The transformative power of using living arts in healthcare

Learn about past CAS

Discovering past CASs is like flipping through a living archive of moments and memories, a journey through the formative stages that shaped the careers and fueled the passions of countless artists in the performing and theatrical arts.

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